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Chess Software  / Chess Bases Software  /  Description ChessBase 8.0

Let me present you an absolute leader in the class of the programs-shells for work with bases - program ChessBase 8.0. A company ChessBase appeared as early as the middle of 80th and now gives users-chess-players the great number of products and services (ot the playing server of and online-magazine to the special chess bases and teaching programs). But the wide fame of company was sure brought by development of the program-shell for work with bases ChessBase. Demo-version ChessBase 6.0 (limit on the maximal amount of parties in one base 8.000) it is possible to get on it link.

We will consider work with the last version of ChessBase 8.0 (it can be downloaded by Emule, size ~14 Mb or you could buy it on ChessBase Shop). The program works only with Windows. If you are happy possessor *nix - then you're welcome here.

ChessBase 8.0: general view On skrinshote the general view of ChessBase is presented 8.0.

Interface is carefully thought out to the little things and simply strikes the comfort - to understand with base possibilities will not be difficult even to the novice. An interface is a multilanguage, but the "official" Russian-language interface is not present. However there is "unofficial"! Download here (author Jury Voronov)

Lets discuss basic possibilities of ChessBase 8.0 now. So, through ChessBase you can:

  • To enter and comment parties, including to add graphic comments (drawing a mouse on a board and retaining keys of ALT, CTRL or SHIFT you get different colors), trainings questions (see is a picture), audio-video comments (menu of Game/Annotation/Multimedia)
    ChessBase 8.0: Training questions
  • To carry out a search on heading(last names, ratings, ECO, result and etc), comments (words, signs, presence of trainings questions, graphic comments and etc), position (by the elements of position), moving of figures (a book-mark of Manoeuvres of window is a search), by the "medals" - marks appropriated at commentation the "best party", "attack" and etc (the coloured squares are in the list of parties).
    Also, that is very important, it is possible to carry out the combined search (for example commented on all parties of Anand, won them in a chelyabinsky variant in a period from 1993 to 2004 with competitors having rating not below 2650, and having a medal "attack").
  • To connect the playing modules to the analysis (look at picture)
    ChessBase 8.0: Add Engines
  • To print the chosen parties, one click to send them in the compressed kind on e-mail, to export parties in a file (rtf, doc, html), to create html pages with Java replay board is a visitor of Your page able without some software to look over parties and comments to them! (look at picture)
    ChessBase 8.0: Output

If you use ChessBase 8.0 your possibilities are practically boundless! Enjoy this masterpiece of company ChessBase!

To get guidance in Russian

P.S. The unique failing found out by me is impossibility of the simultaneous using for commentation of parties cyrillic alphabet and marks of "Informant" (+/-, +/=, compensation and etc). If you know how to manage with it - necessarily write us Thousands of the Russian-language chess-players will be infinitely thankful for you!

:: Added 01.09.2004

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