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Chess as fight: elements of chess struggle

It's easy to get chess books nowadays, it is much more difficult to take away from all variety of literature, being in web, really useful and necessary books. How often did we reflect about that, why game changes the flow sharply, why does a hunter grow into a victim, why we make horrible blunders and can't solve chess puzzles over the board? Why does a competitor frequently impose us his game, his will?

This section of our library named "Chess as fight" wholly devoted to chess fight, psychology of chess, such clear and difficult simultaneously categories as an attack, defence, initiative, persistence, psychological stability and to other invisible constituents of chess creation.

Unfortunately, it is not always succeeded to set the authors of electronic versions of the books presented here, therefore will say simply: low for all you bow and thank you for excellent work!

Winter "Kings of chess" (ENG, 1954)

Winter Kings of chess In bringing before the chess playing public this account of the matches contested for the highest crown of chess ability, the title of Champion of the World, William Winter (British Open Chess Champion 1935, 1936) actuated by the desire to give present-day players some idea of the colourful personalities who strove for it, their general concepts of play and the conditions under which they fought.

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:: Added 09.12.2007

V. Gort, V. Yansa "Together with grand masters" (RUS, 1976)

Together with grand masters

"230 examples in this book are not dry chess material at all. In them - critical, deciding the moments of games, minutes of the greatest tension, requiring the most intensive mental efforts. Life of man also can be compared to large chess party. Happy memoirs are alternated in a book with moments less pleasant; during a bookwork we as though again outlived all chess gladnesses and adversities and now want to divide them with you".

GM V. Gort, GM V. Yansa

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:: Added 11.12.2005

G. Kmokh "Defence in chess game" (RUS, 1934)

Defence in chess game

Small book of the known chess-player of beginning of the last century Gans Kmokh devoted defence in chess game and interesting possibility to give a glance on questions of chess problems art by professionals of the last century eyes, seeing in a chess not only the mean of earnings or logical game but also opredelenuyu philosophy, in a great deal calling with life.

Stand and unobtrusive style of exposition, characteristic for literature began XX century, will make happy amateurs, and the interesting ideas of experimental master will interest strong chess-players certainly.

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:: Added 05.11.2005

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