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Chess Books Reviews / Khalifman A. Opening for white according to Anand 1.4, V.5 (2005)

Khalifman A. Opening  for white according to Anand V. 5 Did someone play with you some time defence of Beyker, Nimtsovich or debut of Owen? Do not you know what is it?! But the defence of Alekhin certainly passed.

These the defence considers and named as "little correct", "wrong" etc, but, clashing in practice, quite often remain without promised by common sense advantage.

In a preface to the book which speech will go about (Khalifman A.V. Opening for white according to Anand 1.4, volume 5 . - Spb.: Garde, 2006. - 232 p.) sensible judgement which it is useful to remember any from beginner to grand master speaks out: for the even prominent chess-players in the debuts of not "first rate" neither victory nor debut preponderance is assured.

But where do obtain information on all these continuations? Monographs of debuts on these opens don't produce, and to prepare unassisted, to dig in computer bases on such debuts somehow "unsolidly". And if defence of Beyker (1.4 6) or Nimtsovicha opening (1.4 N6) relatively rare, but to ignore defence of Alekhin (1.4 Nf6) is not possible. The book of A.Khalifman is called to work out problems of playing white.

Task-minimum, that author decides is clear recommendations on the receipt of debut preponderance by white in all openings indicated higher. Task-maximum - "to bury" separate variants, proving analyses complete insolvency of one or another continuation for black.

Defence of Beyker and debut of Owen taken apart in a book with maximally possible plenitude (it is here necessary to take into account a few of materials, on the basis of which it is possible to give clear recommendations on the receipt of debut advantage).

A separate section is devoted to beginning of Nimtsovich. Estimation by the author of move 2.Nf3 as the best for white (after 1.4 N6) debatable enough, especially taking into account possibility 2...5. By the attempt of refutation of the risky first move of black in this case does not smell, that confirms queer indirectly, that move 2.Nf3 - is not the best.

Very convincing is an analysis of modern variant of defence of Alekhin. After reading of book I had the impression personally, that to play this debut for black it is simply impossible. Very passive positions at a quiet game and lost for them at attempts to intensify a game - such is a sorrowful result black in this debut.

By the way, in this book series "Opening for white according to Anand " author, that searchs in all cases large and very large advantage for white, was succeeded to develop, as nowhere before - most estimations hesitate from "a plus-minus is a column" to "a plus-minus in a line". Somewhere, it is needed to acknowledge, an author is too strict: most straitened positions without weaknesses at black (and such in the indicated debuts are not uncommon) estimated "in a column", although it would be appropriately +=. On the whole level of "recipes", offered by author is ever-higher, as, by the way, in other books of this series. Whom is this work intended for? Above all things for chess-players-spark-gaps up to a master level. By the way, grand masters, running into improper defences, rarely elect "hand-to-hand", "bayonets" continuations, but aspire rather to the receipt of small proof advantage. On this principle this work is built, to study which I recommend for all chess enthusiasts: after reading debut preponderance is almost inevitable for white!

Roman Dobronovsky

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