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Chess Articles / 10 Most Amazing Long-Distance Chess Games

10 Most Amazing Long-Distance Chess Games

Since the very invention of this game, chess-admirers were restlessly searching for new moves, new strategies, and - which is more important - new partners. But what if a partner one would like to play with, does not live next door, not in the same street and even not in the same country? Remote chess games became the way out.

1. Chess by correspondence

1119 was the first year of correspondence game between the King of England Henry I and the King of France Luis VI. Thanks to them it began to spread around, and now the history knows even about the games between Venetian and Croatian merchants.

The progress went on, and in the XIX Century chess clubs in London and Edinburgh, Moscow and St. Petersburg played chess this way. The latter became so popular that in 1928 the International Union of Correspondence Chess was founded.

2. Phone chess

The telephone chess match was first played in 1878. However, this kind of games reached the peak of popularity only in 1970s, whereupon several international phone-matches were held.

3. Chess by telegraph

Different chess-clubs sought for the ways to play with their counterparts located in different cities and towns. They found the solution to the problem in 1844 when the telegraph match between Washington and Baltimore was arranged. A little later the same telegraph-chess-matches were held among chess players of European capitals: London vs. Vienna, St. Petersburg vs. London, St. Petersburg vs. Paris.

4. Atlantic cable chess

Even chess game via Atlantic cable was carried in 1896. That historical event took place between London and New York on March 13th and 14th. Unfortunately historians didn't give much attention to this fact and decided not to describe it.

5. Space vs. Earth

The most eminent chess game was played in the Space using radio communication. The crew of the "Soyuz-9" spaceship Andrian Nikolaev and Vitali Sevastianov played white against "Terrestrials" in 1970, on June 9th.

It was their day off - if one can apply the word 'off' to a totally sealed can high above in the sky - and they wanted to play one against another but the Central Control offered them to play together against the Control team on the Earth. That game has been since then known as "Space vs. Earth Match".

6. Radio chess

Those radio-games began to be held after the World War II, the most famous among which became the match between combined teams of the USSR and USA in 1945, the interest to such kind of remote game grew both in Moscow and New York. Nearly all newspapers widely covered it giving main attention to the game course. In a year the international meeting was held in Moscow with the same teams.

7. Mobile phone chess

It is mostly a prerogative of teens to play chess via the cell phone. But the greatest pleasure is the chess-playing with their friends by means of this device. "Mobile chess" appeared not long ago but penetrates the market quickly as it gives the opportunity to play with the living rival, not a computer, at any time, and at any place where cellular coverage is present.

8. Computers' chess

Chess-players began to become familiar with the PC right away it has started spreading. Computer software appeared and chess tournament among computers began. The 1st Digital Chess Tournament was held in Stockholm in 1970. That was the game of chess for programmers, the game a chess-player does not participate in directly. The chess-players' aim became to write the software "fighting" against similar softwares. Such tournaments are not popular in comparison to the ones of computers and humans, which are held more often.

9. Computer vs. Human

The best chess software play at nearly the same level with grand masters, and can win even chess champion. The IBM 'Deep Blue' won the chess Champion of the World Garry Kasparov for the 1st time in 1996.

But then Kasparov overplayed the chess software 'Deep Though' twice, developed in the institute named after Carnegie-Mellon. And later Kasparov won the comp with the score 4:2, demonstrating people's superiority. Bit matches of 1997 were lost with the score 2,5:3,5 to updated version of IBM 'Deep Blue'. Matches against commercial software 'Deep Junior' and 'Deep Fritz' run on 4 Intel Xeon processors in 2003 ended in a draw.

10. Online chess - chess via internet, chess via e-mail, chess via Instant Messenger

With the development of Internet, it is more and more used by chess-lovers all around the Globe. A number of Internet sites and portals, dedicated to chess, give their visitors the option of online playing. Such matches do not require special chess software and games themselves are faster than those played by correspondence. Also, in most cases, it is completely free of charge. Moreover, the match is recorded at one place and can be accessed from anywhere a player wants. Many communities also provide an opportunity to play with world-known Grand Masters, who hardly would accept a challenge of some ordinary chess-lover.

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