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A. Kotov "Secrets of chess-player thought" by Anatoliy Galkin

Secrets of chess-player thoughtIn 1970 by the All-russian chess club the book of A. Kotov "Secrets of chess-player thought" was let out, getting wide confession of simple chess enthusiasts, and also among chess-players of high qualification.

V.M. Malkin responded aboit it so: "This book is in a great deal unique: perhaps, first in chess literature author made attempt to expose a chess from within: to show, how grand master conducts party, what principles he follows, counting variants, finally, what he endure at play and how manages the emotions. Here is all: and then wonderful examples from practice, and then collision of different plans, but main - exposure of principles, which these plans are created on, their mechanism".

With reverent respect behave to the author and his work, therefore tried to copy an original, changing nothing absolutely. Added only lines for reproducing of party on a board, little diagrams in some places (in fact I did for own employments) and answers for exercises.

A. Galkin

Download Secrets of thought of chess-player (615 Kb)

:: Added 06.01.2007

Tactic Training Database by Claude Kabers

Chess exercises Tactic Training DatabaseThe exercises in this base direct on perfection of tactical skill. Examples are assorted on the topics (key "Tactics" in ChessBase), and on the level of complication (key "General Themes" in ChessBase).

The real selection of exercises is advantageously distinguished good value of examples (although alternative decisions sometimes take place all the same) and also plenty of trainings questions (Training Questions), that makes studying reaally comfortable.

Unfortunately Claude Kabers halted forming of base and that's why a few themes (injury of pawn structure, attack of point h7 and other) does not contain examples. If you wish to correct this failing - write us

Download Tactic Training Database (768 examples, 223 Kb)

:: Added 01.09.2004

Euwe & Kramer: The Middlegame by Bradley Loh

Chess exercises The MiddlegameThis base - in our view simply masterpiece - it is "reediting" of classic labour by M. Euwe and K. Cramer first published in 1953-1963 in Netherlands.

Detailed comments and also trainings questions (unfortunately - only to the first 98 examples) undoubtedly will deliver enormous pleasure the judges of chess.

Download The Middlegame (480 parties and examples, 452 Kb)

:: Added 01.09.2004

Best Move Collection by Ulrich Haug

This base is also devoted tactics. Examples are assorted on the last names of chess-players, playing white and tested at the help Fritz4.

Unfortunately a base is assorted neither on the topics nor on the level of complication, also there are not trainings questions, but fortunately there are answers (many selections on tactic do not have answers).

Download Best Move Collection (2358 examples, 386 Kb)

:: Added 01.09.2004

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