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Thank you for displayed interest!

Dear visitors of site "Chess school ChessZone"
(child-youth sport school є3 chess branch, Kharkov).

Unfortunately, financing of chess in our city abandons to wish the best, and frequently pupils of our club should renounce participating in the competitions of different levels because of banal reason is absence of facilities.

You can give feasible help, transferring a small amount on our account.

To transfer a money through the system of WebMoney is possible in 4 clicks now.
Simply push the button to "Transfer", start your WebMoney Keeper, and follow instructions of site of the system WebMoney.

Transfer 1 WMZ (1 USD)

If you wish to transfer a hardly greater sum - our accounts

  • $ - Z714617232645
  • € - E040287109788
  • R - R971913718510
  • UAH - U162576120562

  • Also you can carry out a bank order.
    To get our bank essential elements and official letter of guidance sport school є3

    Thank you for support of site and our chess club!

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